Innovative software + Fantastic user interface + Industry standard hardware = BLOCKSTALE

Blockstale is a principal developer and distributor of intuitive blockchain software and standard hardware component in Africa. Our mission is to distribute, facilitate and enhance bitcoin BTM industry, by providing seamless and creative solutions, taking the industry beyond the usual trading (buy/sell/exchange) by offering creativities and providing additional income streams to our operators and partners


We can convert your asset into a digital token on blockchain. Blockstale has an interest in figuring how to convert real world assets onto blockchain and gain advantages of bitcoin.



We have experts in developing software for Bitcoin Teller Machines and our software is intuitive, secure and seamless to install and use. We also support customizations and upgrades.

Bitcoin Teller Machine software


Blockstale is innovative in developing Bitcoin Teller Machines. Our team of professionals are keen to implement and deploy hardware components that makes trading of crypto currencies seamless and secure, working with industry standards.

Bitcoin Teller Machines


Do you want to drive your business growth through the implementation of DAO based tokens?

We can help your organisation maintain DAO’s financial transaction record and program rules using blockchain. Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is ideal for a fully automated system in sectors like online storage, mesh networks, healthcare and transportation.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation


Blockstale offers innovative development through blockchain, this module is idea for remittance platforms, centrally run exchanges, decentralised exchanges, order books, supply chain management and payment processors.

Integration Service


Blockstake can implement smart contract to automate enforcement in rootstock and Ethereum while eliminating misbehaviour, inefficiency and security flaws and support private blockchain development. Our smart contracts expertise include development, audit, design, optimisation of self executing contracts.

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For any inquiry about custom development of wallets, coin genesis or any other blockchain development inquiry contact us and our team will help you every step of the way.