Why should I host a bitcoin Machine in Nigeria ?

Blockchain technology has gained massive adoptions across the globe and bitcoin being the mother of all crypto currencies cant be left out. In other words, there might still be more crypto currencies in the nearest future however, Bitcoin is here to stay.
Aside its high volatility, Bitcoin has more advantages and positive effects on personal and or economic growth. This is why Blockstale’s innovative development is available for everyone to take advantage of the crypto currency era. We have listed some of our advantages below..

Media Coverage

For every machine deployed, we arrange media coverage and promotions , this increases the visibility of your store online since we’ll have your store covered and listed on our network. This network of customers include local and international users however, adding your business to this network increases traffic.

High Reputation

Are you a department store owner or a Gas station owner, hosting our machine in your store helps your business build confidence and reputation. This development shows that you’re innovative and committed to developing your own business, with time customers will reference and trust your business.

Fully Compliant

Blockstale is a member of SIBAN (Stakeholders In Blockchain technology Association of Nigeria) we understand compliance and due diligence so we’ve setup an easy compliance algorithm on all our machines. This protocol monitors and regulates all transaction in accordance with KYC/SCUML.

Attract More Customers

Considering the expansion, awareness and adoption of digital currencies, people around the globe are getting involved in this innovative technology. Some are still researching on what it is and how they can get educated, some are skeptical and don’t want to loose their money, Hosting our bitcoin teller machine attracts this kind of people in addition to your regular ones.

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