Earlier today at BLOCKSTALE Lagos, We held a meeting with Mr Adebiyi who Retired as an Assistant Director, and Federal Pay Officer ,Heading Kwara State OAGF. The former Treasury Officer that changed the circular B-10, B-20 for Metropolitan Merchant Bank and Standard Trust Bank in 1998 also added in his speech that he never believed that there is a technology currently in Nigeria that allows the underbanked and the unbanked to send or receive cross-border payment instantaneously.

Although, He was aware of the functionalities of the First Bitcoin machine in Nigeria because he has travelled abroad and has also conducted some research about Blockchain Technology however ,he was marvelled after testing and having a real feel of the machine’s operation and knowing the endless possibilities of this great innovation and how the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Nigeria will change our economy and our world of finance.

Mr Adebiyi, the former Treasury Management Reporter expressed his gratitude being a part of this development and also promised to facilitate the adoption of Naira to bitcoin and bitcoin to Naira tremendously through his experience and expertise in the financial sector. Meanwhile, he had to create a bitcoin wallet within 3min on his mobile phone before he could sell as well as buy bitcoin with cash instantly on BLOCKSTALE Bitcoin ATM. The staffs at BLOCKSTALE had an awesome moment with Mr Adebiyi today and we cant thank him enough for his advice and encouragement because we also learnt a lot from this icon.