What is a Bitcoin ATM ?

A bitcoin ATM is an advance version of the conventional ATMs , facilitating users to trade bitcoin using fiats with utmost ease and convenience.

Bitcoin ATMs : Through a market perspective

In October 2013,  Robocoin installed the worldʼs first bitcoin ATM  in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, people became very interested in using cryptocurrency as a mode of finance, and then gradually, it turns out that bitcoin has passed the test of time. It has not only survived but thrived as the time moved on.

According to coinatmrader.com after five years of the first Bitcoin ATM installation, there were over 2,000 ATM machines across the USA. And now, the figure crosses the number of 4,000 around the globe in late 2018.

We are proud to introduce BLOCKSTALE,  the first  Bitcoin machine vendor in Nigeria and we hope that our esteemed clients take absolute advantage of this golden opportunity.


Providing bitcoin machines in Nigeria isnʼt our only area of specialisation. Keeping and knowing the best standards and quality component of bitcoin ATMs and blockchain technology is also part of our major concern. So, where to buy a bitcoin ATM, should not even be a problem at all. You will always be wowed by our intuitive block-chain software and industry standard hardware components.

Here are some of the services that make us unique in the competitive market


Basically, tokenization has the function to protect bank account numbers and credit card numbers in a safe digital vault (in this case bitcoin tokens), which is able to transmit finance across wireless networks without much of a risk. For tokenization to work, we will convert your assets into token on block-chain (the key software used in making tokenization possible). BLOCKSTALE is also looking into the idea of converting real-world assets onto block-chain through tokenization and then redeem advantages of bitcoin.

Bitcoin teller machine & its intuitive software:

A complex interface of a conventional ATM machine-made things unnecessarily difficult for the users in the past. Times have moved on, humans have learned constantly to improve and evolve, and so have we. We have experts, with experience in the development of software for bitcoin teller machine, which helps our users experience a seamless process while interacting on BTMs. With constant improvements and upgrades,this certainly makes us the best bitcoin machine vendor in Nigeria.

Initiation of Smart Contract:

A smart contract is like a digital contract between two parties through the use of different block-chain software. BLOCKSTALE facilitates the initiation of smart agreements between two parties, making the handling of bitcoin tokens easier while eliminating any kind of misbehaviour, inefficiency and security flaws plus supporting private block-chain development. Our smart contracts expertise includes development, audit, design and optimisation of self- executing contracts.

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