The Significance of Bitcoin ATMs in Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption was geared towards facilitating transparency and control of our assets. When bitcoin thrived about 24x in 2017 it accompanied an exponential rise in social media presence. Celebrities started getting involved in Bitcoin. Large companies like Subway, and Microsoft, started accepting bitcoin for cash instantly. Theoretically Bitcoin-related keywords began to rise on search engines which also resulted in a rise in users.

It became mainstream. Nigeria ranks the highest African country on google search which is estimated that 68% of Nigerians have heard of it, and about 1% of those Nigerians at least own some fractions of it. Therefore, numerous trading methods emerged. Following are the very factors that ascertains the significance of Bitcoin ATMs:

The Bitcoin Price Surge:

In late 2017, subsequently to the beginning of the following year bitcoin gain popularity in a short duration of time. Reason behind that ,a convenient, user-friendly technology named as Bitcoin ATM was introduced. Starting its journey in 2017 from Vancouver, Canada, users were convinced by the important role of this advance technology and in a short period, people were looking to install these Bitcoin trading machines as quickly as possible.

Here at BLOCKSTALE, we keep a close eye on the intricacies of these trends and keeping in view the dominance of bitcoins in the cryptocurrency market; through our First bitcoin ATM in Nigeria, we make trading process secure, easier and more convenient for all users.


Why would you want to interact with a bitcoin ATM machine in Nigeria to process your transactions instead of lying on your couch, using a smartphone or a personal computer to sell as well as buy bitcoin in Nigeria?

As the first bitcoin machine vendors in Nigeria, we play significant role of a solution provider and a conveniency maker. BLOCKSTALE facilitates the usage of Naira to bitcoins instantly when needed, you can also withdraw bitcoins in Naira without any third party.

You don,t need Bitcoin credits, or a credit/debit card or any verification to send money to someone abroad instantly,  you just have to locate a nearest Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria, print a paper wallet address you wish to send money to, insert cash into the Bitcoin ATM, and the recipient can convert it at their end, very easy withdrawing cash from the ATM kiosk within 1-2min.

Instantaneous Exchange :

Unlike online crypto exchange, BLOCKSTALE Bitcoin ATM makes buying and selling of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies easy and instant without the need of verification or unnecessary writing. Also when you sell your Bitcoin, you have your cash, in hand, merely in a moment.

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