With the increasing adoption of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology in Nigeria, we are aware of all the requirements of this great innovation. We congratulate Nigeria and Africa at large as BLOCKSTALE introduces the First bitcoin machine in Nigeria, a trailblazing cryptocurrency ATM specially designed for easy usage of Naira to bitcoin and Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria.

We developed this machines with industry standard components to give ease and convenience to anyone trying to start a BTC machine business in Nigeria without any basic programming knowledge or for users looking to Trade bitcoin with cash in Nigeria without allowing them worry about hardware or backend problems. Weʼre skilled professionals that work solely 24/7 online and offline to provide excellent customer service.

We are affiliated with BTM compliance, a firm that regulates the legal requirements associated with bitcoin ATM business in Nigeria. Furthermore, BLOCKSTALE has also created a “remote-office” that gives intricacies of every transactions made through the machines at any time of the day. Moreover, we make advancements by bringing up new features twice a month to keep our clients updated.

A large number of individuals will now have the chance to buy bitcoins with cash in Nigeria without any third party. Not only buying, selling bitcoin is also important to make trading as easy as it can be. To buy BTC on ATM in Nigeria, firstly you need to locate a nearby BLOCKSTALE Bitcoin ATM, enter your phone number, choose bitcoin as currency to buy, input amount, scan your bitcoin wallet QR, insert cash into the machine, once machine verifies your cash, bitcoins will be sent to your wallet instantly and you will receive a receipt as confirmation.

Still in doubt ? learn how to use our bitcoin ATM machine in Nigeria by watching the video below.

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