Why choose the first bitcoin ATM in Nigeria?

Things to keep in mind

Simple AML/KYC compliance implementation

Blockstale machines are compliant with any KYC/AML regulation you have set for your business. We have taken care of the hassle, even if you’re just getting onboard into BTM space and have not set KYC/AML, we offer simple and effective solution.

Third party AML/KYC

Our BTM kiosks are one of the most advanced, flexible and by far most secure on the market. considering industry standards, our state of the art backend compliance software can achieve any compliance level regulators sets In your jurisdiction.

Still the easiest way to buy bitcoin with cash

We developed our machine simple and easy to use with our customers in mind. Ensuring that buying process is as simple and easy as sending/receiving text messages using your smartphone. If you can operate a smartphone, you can operate our machine.

buy bitcoin

Also the fastest way to sell bitcoin for cash

Selling your bitcoin is also easy and swift with zero confirmation, Ethereum or second layer transaction, and still seamless for standard confirmed transactions. Simply enter. Your phone number and get an acknowledgement as soon as funds are available to withdraw.

sell bitcoin

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies using a Bitcoin ATM

How to Sell Cryptocurrencies using a Bitcoin ATM